Step by Step Guiding on Creating a Killer twitter Profile

News 11:06 June 2020:

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Twitter is a favorite social network to millions of people for a reason; it gives everyone an equal opportunity to learn, interact and laugh without feeling judged. However, the fun at twitter ends when you realize you can’t attract even 50 twitter likes on a single post. But have you checked your profile? Maybe it requires some editing, like changing your handle to start with. Yes, your twitter handle can sell or break you. Make it professional if you can, and avoid using numbers. Instead, opt for underscores or use the official business name.

As for the avatar picture, use a professional one and include an attractive background as well. However, if you are after many followers and twitters likes for the sake of your business, note to use a background header that reflects your business. If you already have a bio you don’t like, you can always edit it at the settings wheel. Finally, use some catchy keywords to make you look outstanding in your niche.